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CHELCI FOX IN: A Naughty Story

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 214

ADDED: 10-07-2009

You know I love to tell naughty stories. I think they're hot. I think they're hottest when they're real, too! And today's naughty story and a naughty nurse is totally true! It was a Halloween Night. I met this boy. Guess who the Naughty Nurse was? Me! Anyways, as I tell you my naughty story about leaving the party with the boy I met, I strip for you. I strip naked. And then guess what? I put on a great show for you guys! Well, I think it's great. Maybe not as great as the road head I gave the boy in my story...but wait! I shouldn't tell you that!! I mean it should be a surprise as to what happens, right? You don't want me to spoil the story for you by giving it all away now?! I didn't think this update! Listen to my story! It's all true! I know you'll like it!! XOXO - Chelci

Small pic of Chelci from Naughty Naughty Naughty Chelci Fox Preview Pic Free Pic from Naughty Naughty Naughty Final Chelci Fox Pic

CHELCI FOX IN: Naughty Naughty Naughty

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 191

ADDED: 09-30-2009

I call this scene the "Getting to Know Chelci" scene. You have to watch it first, cause it's when I talk about myself...and I don't like to do that a whole lot. You learn the basics, I guess. I talk about my favorite color, and my favorite animal, and my very favorite thing to do! Of course one of those things goes without being said: my love to get naked in front of you and play with myself. So I do that, too! Duh!! Haha. I get very naughty here, and I really hope you like it! Also, please feel free to e-mail me if you have similiar likes! ;-) XOXO - Chelci

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