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CHELCI FOX IN: Flaming Hot

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 255

ADDED: 12-23-2009

This is a kinda "BTS" scene. (BTS means Behind-The-Scenes). I mean I don't know what to call it. I was feeling a bit horny, and I called my cameraman and told him that, so he rushed over and set up some lights really quick and we got rolling. I basically just update you guys here on what's currently going on in my life. Things that happened, like, yesterday. I like to keep you guys up to date, you know? Then what happens? Well, sure enough, I get out of my clothes. Totally. And rub one out, cause you know how much I love doing that for you. So you get two things in one update - my life and what's going on now, and a nice, sweet, orgasm after I make my clit tingle in that special way I do! ;-) XOXO - Chelci

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CHELCI FOX IN: Showing You The Goods

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 185

ADDED: 12-16-2009

Here's a look at me in my jammies. My *real* jammies, not some silly outfit I bought to model in. When I tuck myself in at night, this is how I look. I really like my panties, cause they offer me easy access to the goods, if you know what I mean. For you pervies out there who don't know what I mean, I'm talking about my tight, pink, teen pussy. It's very tight you know. I've had guys pump me once or twice and they pull out and shoot it all over my tummy or my ass - depending on what position we're fucking in. I like to squeeze my pussy muscles tighter just to watch the faces a guy makes. They get all sqinchy-faced and usually shoot it right away after I do that a few times! Haha. I don't mean to laugh at you. I'm laughing with you. ;-) - XOXO - Chelci

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CHELCI FOX IN: The Girlie Spot

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 176

ADDED: 12-09-2009

Heya guys! What's new? Guess what? I just got a car! I like it. I also talk about some of the things I, the beach, the South, cars, and all that! Um, let's see. There's not much else new, except for today I shaved myself! I shaved her clean :) I also give you guys quite a pussy show today! I play with myself bigtime, and yep, I rub one out. It was hot, if you ask me! My cameraman loved it too, that's for sure. For a second I thought he was gonna jump me! And if I didn't have a boyfriend right now, I'd let fact, I think I might -- after the camera's turned off. Cause I roll like that! :) and who knows...maybe you can be next! I've always thought it would be hot to fuck one of my members!!! - XOXOX - Chelci

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CHELCI FOX IN: In The Kitchen

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 192

ADDED: 11-25-2009

I'm always horny. And I love sex. I really do. I like it all, really, even anal sex! With anal though, I have to like the guy I'm doing it with, you know? I think it makes it hotter if I like him, and no, I don't need to be drunk! I'm usually the one who initiates doing it in the butt. It's funny, too, cause a while back I didn't like anal...but I do now. Like I said, if I'm in the mood. Today I also admit what my favorite position is, and what makes me cum! But you'll have to watch the movie to find out!! Today I have a cute pink bra and pantie set on. Oh! And I tell a story about having an orgasm while taking a shower with a boy!! I got off so quick! Watch my movie to hear it all! LOL. I'm so freaky! Anyways, take care, and I hope you enjoy today's show! MWAH - Chelci

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