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CHELCI FOX IN: Playing With Your Tool

MOVIES: 4 | PICS: 218

ADDED: 01-27-2010

I love a man who works with his hands. There's nothing like an honest day's work, is there guys? Hi! It's me, and I'm back. And there's nothing I like better than a big, long, hard tool. Did I mention how much I love blue-collar guys? OMG. And construction workers. I'll actually walk by a work site in something skimpy just to get some whistles and shouts. I'm serious! And guess who's pussy is soaked at the end of the walk? I've actually had pussy juice run down my inner-thighs as I walk by a bunch of hot, hard-workin', horny guys. I fantasize a lot about stumbling into a work site, cause I'm lost, and i'm wearing something really revealing, and I have no panties on, and there's like 2 or 3 really hot carpenters in there, and they show me to a back room, where each one has his way with me! That's what I was thinking about this week, when I was holding those big tools and working my clit with my fingers. I know you'll like this update you guys! ;-) XOXO - Chelci

Small pic of Chelci from Raw and Happening Chelci Fox Preview Pic Free Pic from Raw and Happening Final Chelci Fox Pic

CHELCI FOX IN: Raw and Happening

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 193

ADDED: 01-20-2010

It's been a long day, so we decided to keep it simple witht his set, and just get down and dirty. I had shot a few scenes for you guys, and honestly, I was bushed. So what did I do? Well, focus on my titties for you. They're full C's, and people keep telling me they're D's. I dunno. I do know they're 100% natural, and every guy I've been with loves them, but you know what's funny? I kinda want a boob job. Weird, huh? I think, if they ever start to sag, I'm going to get one. In the meantime, though, you can watch me here bounce them up and down, and play with them, and sure enough, before you know it, I've got my hands between my legs, and my fingers are working my pussy - specifically my clit - and I rub on it till it swells up, which is almost right away. I talk about some other things today, too, but you're just going to have to watch the movie and see what it is I talk about!! ;-) XOXO - Chelci

Small pic of Chelci from Naked Sports Trivia Game Chelci Fox Preview Pic Free Pic from Naked Sports Trivia Game Final Chelci Fox Pic

CHELCI FOX IN: Naked Sports Trivia Game

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 279

ADDED: 01-13-2010

Tampa Bay Bucs. They're my favorite team. And that's all I know about sports! J/K. So this update gets kinda funny, and I can almost guarantee that, including to getting a nut off, you'll laugh some, too. Cause my goofy cameraman turns this into a sports trivia game, and everytime I make a mistake, I have to take off something. So when he asks me a question like, "Joe DiMaggio, quarterback or linebacker?" and I reply "Joe De-who?" well...guess who's getting naked really, really fast? And you know what happens when I get nude in front of you. All of a sudden, my stomach gets all tingly, and my pussy gets wet, and the next thing you know my fingers are all over my swollen clit, and I'm rubbing another one out...just for you! ;-) XOXO - Chelci

Small pic of Chelci from A Member Watches Me Chelci Fox Preview Pic Free Pic from A Member Watches Me Final Chelci Fox Pic

CHELCI FOX IN: A Member Watches Me

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 170

ADDED: 01-06-2010

Who needs brains when you have these? Haha. Like my tee? I sure do! Hey guys! How are you? Guess what happens this week? I invite a *real* member to my set to watch me get off. He's been e-mailing me for a long time, and he seemed really nice, so why not? Oh gets better. I have direct me on what to do! Honest! And really, I was nervous at first, but it was one of those nervous feelings you get when something special is about to happen. My stomach was all fluttery! He was cute! And he turned out to be really nice! So when he told me to touch my breasts, I did...and when he told me to take off my clothes, I did...and when he told me to touch myself down there, I did! Talk about a turn on! I love my members telling me what to do, whether it's in an e-mail or in real life! This turned me on so much, it's going to happen again. Guaranteed. And you just may be the lucky member to cum watch. ;-) XOXO - Chelci

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