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Small pic of Chelci from The Smell Of A Man Chelci Fox Preview Pic Free Pic from The Smell Of A Man Final Chelci Fox Pic

CHELCI FOX IN: The Smell Of A Man

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 242

ADDED: 04-07-2010

There's nothing quite like the smell of a man. I'm being serious! Don't laugh!! I *love* men. I'm also what you call "Strictly Dickly". Yea, I know how much you pervy bastards like two women in love (j/k) Well, not just joking on the lesbo thing. I know, I know! I get lotsa e-mails asking when I'm going to do a girl. But I think I'd do a guy for my members first, and that ain't happening...not anytime soon, that's for sure! But I love men. I love everything about them, including the way they smell! Isn't that funny? So for this week's update, I walk into a men's locker room, and it turns me on so much that when I stuble across my special glass friend, I put him to use right away! I think I cummed my toy so much you couldn't even look through it by the end, but hey, that's ok! This week is what I'd call a fantasy scene, and I hope you guys like it! ;-) XOXO - Chelci

Small pic of Chelci from Watch Me Spread Chelci Fox Preview Pic Free Pic from Watch Me Spread Final Chelci Fox Pic

CHELCI FOX IN: Watch Me Spread

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 269

ADDED: 03-31-2010

Well guys, here it is. My very first scene for my very own site! I'm so psyched!! As you may or may not know, I did a few "hardcore" scenes, and honestly, I'm just not cut out for that line of work. I don't deny it, but I'm not going to lie, or try to live it down. I did what I did, and while I'm not very proud of it, hey, it was a learning experience. I'm an exhibitionist, so this is right up my alley! I tell you all sorts of stuff about myself here, so you can get to know me. It's a great starting off point if you're new to my site, so check it out! I think you're going to like it. And I really look forward to getting to know each and every one of you...if you know what I mean! ;-) XOXO - Chelci

Small pic of Chelci from Getting Off On Your E Mails Chelci Fox Preview Pic Free Pic from Getting Off On Your E Mails Final Chelci Fox Pic

CHELCI FOX IN: Getting Off On Your E Mails

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 222

ADDED: 03-24-2010

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I know how important you are. My members. They're why I'm here, really. I'm being honest right now. I like to show off. Isn't that obvious? But what if there was no one to show off to? I know not every guy is going to like me...but if you're a member, you like me, right? And not only do I like you, but I really appreciate you, and I *love* taking my clothes off for you, and talking like a naughty girl to you. And e-mailing you! And reading your e-mails! Like I said, I'm being honest here. I read each and every e-mail you guys send me, and please don't be mad at me if I don't get a chance to reply to each and every one. I really try to. Wanna hear something funny? Some of your e-mails really turn me on. I like to hear about how you stroke your big fat cock to me, and that makes my pussy sopping wet. So keep them cumming, ok? ;-) XOXO - Chelci

Small pic of Chelci from Pink Panties Chelci Fox Preview Pic Free Pic from Pink Panties Final Chelci Fox Pic

CHELCI FOX IN: Pink Panties

MOVIES: 6 | PICS: 197

ADDED: 03-17-2010

In the mood for some nice lighting? You should have seen my cameraman before this scene, running around like an idiot turning the set into a pimp pad! Haha. It actually turned out nice, and got me in the mood! How about that? I start off in a nice bra and pantie set, and by the end of it...well, you know what happens. I talk about crazy things I've done in my life, and really, I wanna skydive! How cool would it be to do it in the air?! Bet you can't say you've done it! Anyway, it's funny how one second I'm talking about skydiving, and the next second I'm completely naked with a finger up my tight, pink pussy. Oh well! I hope you like this scene. I know I had a blast! ;-) XOXO - Chelci

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